About Us

JerseyConnect was established in 2016. 

We are a very small team of 3 friends from California who love sports.  We love how sports bring everybody together, whether it be acquaintances, strangers, and friends.  Sports can pit people against each other or create fun banter, conversations and arguments.  We value how great sports can bring people together and would like to continue adding to the sports experience.

  • Anthony- Co-founder, Accounting, Business Planning
  • Michael- Co-founder, Jersey Design, Production, Shipping 
  • Mike- Marketing, Customer Service, Social Media

Our goal is to design and create amazing jerseys at affordable prices.  Not everyone can afford $100-$300 jerseys, so we try and cater for the people.   Everybody want's to have cool sports gear whether you be a kid, teenager, adult but not everybody has those types of funds.  Therefore, we want to deck people out with amazing products without breaking the bank.

We also want to educate fellow sports fans about avoiding buying FAKE NBA jerseys.  We want to do our part in giving people information on what to look for to avoid scams and buying counterfeit goods.  Supporting legit businesses is what we promote, which landed us an affiliate partnership with Fanatics.com ( an official partner of the NBA,MLB,NFL,NHL,PGA)


We strive to deliver the best customer service and are passionate about sports.  Our team will take on the task to make sure that you have an excellent experience shopping with us. 

Our products are all put through our quality control testing at JerseyConnect.  So you should purchase with confidence, knowing that something dirty, stained, or flawed will not be sent.  We hate when you purchase things online and they are defective.  Mistakes happen but we strive to combat that bad experiences by running it though our high standard testing to ensure quality.  

Another reason we will stand out is that our customer service team has over 10+ years in retail and service industry experience.  We trust their decision making and know they will help you every step of the way.  Just ask away and we will provide answers as best as we can.

Lastly, we take pride in how fast we get orders out.  We ship within 24 hours or the next business day.  Which translates to an average delivery time of 2-4 days depending where you are located in the United States.  Never wait 2-6 weeks just for an order to get delivered.  Just shop with us and it'll take a couple days (unless US postal has issues haha).  

We appreciate you taking the time and reading this.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  



Everyday we strive to spread this positive attitude and help out our customers as best as we can.